Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Blazin' Guitars

Song Stuck on the Brain: "I Wanna Know What Love Is"

I heard it on the radio and it stuck. Only, it's a really sad song and to top it off, they used it a friends funeral several years back. Now every time I hear it I think of the funeral.

Mom called me last night while I was driving home.

"We have kind of an emergency... what are you doing tonight?"

Hmmm, depends on what kind of emergency. "What's your emergency?"

"Aaron has a guitar performance tonight at school and no one knew about it until just now. His mom's working late and I've got all the other kids. He's worked really hard practicing and he doesn't want to miss out."

Ah, way to lay on the guilt, Mom. :) I'd do pretty much anything for my kiddos, so no guilt trip needed. "Yeah, I'll take him. What time does he need to be there?"

"6:15. He has to be there early to practice."

"Umm, it's 5:2o now. I still have to go home and let Jack out." Guess Jack will have to pee fast. "Okay, I'll be by in about 20 minutes."

Jack cried when I left the house. He really didn't think it was fair that I was only home for 10 minutes.

I picked up Aaron, went halfway across town and then waited 45 minutes for his concert to start. I was kind of excited for him. And I felt really bad that he didn't have anyone else there to hear him play. He's only been taking lessons for a couple of months, but he's so proud of his achievment. He's wanted to take guitar lessons since he was five.

They were all so cute, lined up in their chairs with their guitars. The school group name is Blazin' Guitars. I had my digital with me so I shot some video. They started playing and I had to fight not to chuckle. They played all of about three notes. But the concentration on their faces was priceless. When he finished his first song with the group, Aaron looked up, and beamed at the camera.

I don't care how simple those songs were, I was so darn proud of him.

Watching them reminded me of all the little recitals we did when I was in school. Was I ever really that young? I don't remember feeling that young, and I remember the sixth grade like it was yesterday.

To make me feel even older, I ran into some people I went to highschool with and they had kids in the recital too. So weird. I know Aaron's not mine, but he feels like mine since he's been with us so long.

I don't think I weirded him out or embarassed him this time, but I figure in a few more years he's not going to be so cool with his aunt hanging around taking video and pictures.

*sniff* My babies are growing up.

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Camy Tang said...

Aw, that's totally cute. You're a great auntie.

April Erwin said...

Thanks, that's sweet. I try. :) I made the video clip I shot into a movie for him, with fade ins and rolling credits - the whole works. But for some reason it didn't burn to the disk right, so I'll have to re-burn before I give it to him. Maybe I'll post it on here later. Although, it's probably only music to an Aunt's ears. :)