Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More Idol Predictions

Song Stuck on the Brain: Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles. Gotta love that song. :)

Holy Doodle!!! The last few days have just been crazy nuts around here. Things are settling down slightly so I'm going to try and post something worthwhile. Well, I guess 'worthwhile' is subjective, so I'll just post and you can decide if it is or isn't worth anything.

I'm so behind on making my American Idol Predictions. And did you see how poor my first predition was? Man, it sucked. I never made my initial top 6 pick for the girls and we're getting pretty darn close to having a top 12, so I'm going to make a new prediction for the top 12 and then once the top 12 have all performed I'll take a stab at the top 3. We'll see if I can hit the mark.

Top 12 American Idol Contestants in no particular order:

Cross your fingers,


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