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CFBA: Coral Moon by Brandilyn Collins

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This week, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducing CORAL MOON (Zondervan, April 27, 2007) by Brandilyn Collins.

The figure remained still as stone. Leslie couldn't even detect a breath.

Spider fingers teased the back of her neck.

Leslie's feet rooted to the pavement. She dropped her gaze to the driveway, seeking...what? Spatters of blood? Footprints? She saw nothing. Honed through her recent coverage of crime scene evidence, the testimony as last month's trial, the reporter in Leslie spewed warnings: Notice everything, touch nothing...

Leslie Brymes hurries out to her car on a typical workday morning...and discovers a dead body inside.

Why was the corpse left for her to find? And what is the meaning of the message pinned to its chest?

In Coral Moon, the senseless murder of a beloved Kanner Lake citizen spirals the small Idaho town into a terrifying glimpse of spiritual forces beyond our world. What appears true seems impossible.


And as Brandilyn would say...

Presently this Kanner Lake Series of books has its own character blog called Scenes and Beans. Stop by and visit the folks from Kanner Lake!


Brandilyn Collins is the bestselling author of Violet Dawn, Web Of Lies, Dead of Night, Stain of Guilt, Brink of Death, and Eyes of Elisha just to name a few.

Brandilyn and her family divide their time between the California Bay Area and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.She also maintains an informative blog called Forensics and Faith where she daily dispenses wisdom on writing, life, and the Christian book industry.
My Take:
I was so psyched to see this book listed for review. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I'm a huge fan of Brandilyn's work. I aspire to send chills down my readers spines as easily as she does. One day, I'll get there and maybe Brandilyn will be reviewing my book. (Be still my heart, I think I'd die of nerves.) But until that day, I'll settle for turning every reader out there onto one of the best writers in the CBA market. Heck, probably ABA too.
Violet Dawn was such a great read, that I couldn't wait to come back and read more about the Kanner Lake community. The characters were so well drawn, that they seemed to jump right off the page. I felt like I recognized people from my own community, sitting right there in the Java Joint.
I haven't had a chance to finish reading Coral Moon yet. And that is torture in and of itself. It's killing me to sit at work with my boring accounting when I could be at home figuring out who's behind the murder. I'm sure that I will have it finished in no time at all though, so watch for my review in the next day or so.
Really though, why bother with waiting for a review when you know you're going to love it? Go buy it, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
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