Monday, August 30, 2010

New Artist Angela Hope Taylor - They Haven't Seen This

Meet Angela Hope Taylor, a long time friend and musician. Angela currently lives in California and is using her vocal and writing talents to create a one of a kind, can't be missed album. She comes from a family of talented singers, writers and musicians, so it's no surprise to see she's taking her talent and spreading her wings. I posted earlier about a local gospel group known as Brother John. That's Angela's family, so you can see just how deep the talent runs. Her style is unique and takes a different turn from her roots, but the gift is still there and she's making a mark all her own on music.
Here is her latest work. You can subscribe to Angela on to follow her work and watch for upcoming releases. This release is just the tip of the ice burg from an artist that has a lot to offer. Be sure to let her know what you think of her music and share it with your friends.


Angela Hope Taylor said...

WOW! Thanks April!!!! :D

tonie Papasan said...

Thats so awsome. I love reading about someone I know. Hope you remember us little people Angela.