Thursday, August 31, 2006

Shrek ain't got nothin' on me

Song Stuck on the Brain: Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. This song has been stuck for so long it's driving ME crazy. Good song though.

I had a Shrek moment today. You know the scene in the begining of the first movie where he sits down to eat dinner, sticks his finger in his ear and pull out enough wax to light as a candle?

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Yeah, I'm gonna go there.

My allergies have been horrible lately, so my sinuses are draining into my ears. The last few nights I've had horrible pressure in my right ear. Kind of like a water balloon settled over my ear. Not terribly painful, but I couldn't hear very well and it's really annoying.

Anyway, we sell ear candles at work so I thought I'd give them a try. I've never used them before, but I've heard they work really well. They're about twelve inches long, around an inch in diameter and hollow. The tip narrows down so that it seats just inside the opening of your ear. A paper plate and flame retardent cloth catch any ash that might fall on your head. At first I didn't really notice anything, but then warm air started circulating in my ear. Pretty soon I hear this crackling noise, like cellophane crinkling. Then a tickle as something got sucked up. It only took a few minutes. Mom was helping me since it's kind of hard to watch the flame when it's in your own ear. She doused it and then shook the candle to dislodge what had been sucked out.

Yeah, there's the Shrek moment. It was SOOO disgusting, but my ear felt much better. I did the other ear with pretty similar results. It was amazing how much my hearing improved. I would definitely do it again.

What, you may wonder, would make me look inside the candle? I kind of wonder that myself. What drives us to examine gross things? We know it will be nasty and yet we have to look anyway. Like when you blow your nose. I bet 90% of the population will look inside the tissue when they're done.

Gross, yes. Necessary, no. Probable, absolutely.

It must be something that carries through from our childhood. So now that I've proably totally grossed you out, I'm going to promote my other sites. :)

You know you can't get enough of me, so go check out my music page on Myspace at . It's got three of our songs playing. I also have a personal page on their for those that like the myspace format.

I've also got a family tree project in the works, there's a link on the side bar. Check it out, it's a pretty cool little site that has. I'm still working on uploading pictures, but there are quite a few there now. If anyone is looking at a place to do the same with their family tree, I definitely recommend them.

And lastly, I'm taking a very informal pole. You've probably notice my posts are somewhat eratic at the moment. Part of that is due to work and part is due to lack of ideas at the moment. So I want to know what you'd like to see more of. What do you enjoy reading? Do you have questions about my hobbies that you would like answers to? Are you (gasp) even remotely interested in reading excerpts of my writing? (warning, I don't make any guarantees as to how good it is. Remember, I'm not published.) Let me know in the comments section and I'll try to do my best to fulfill your wishes.

Now, it's off to bed for me because it's nearly 1 am and I do actually need SOME sleep.

Night ya'll,


April Erwin said...

Okay I'm actually taking an informal POLL. Since it's nearly one am, I'm not re-doing this post. Please excuse my spelling and respond to my POLL not my pole. (I knew that didn't look right, but just didn't catch it until AFTER I published.)

chubby-girl said...

I'd love to see writing, you know what I like to read, so anything book/writing related...crafty, funny or just you!