Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rubber Ducky Remixed

Song Stuck on the Brain: For most of the day it's been "Freak Parade" by Big & Rich. Someone mentioned this morning that today is Flag Day and that song just popped right into my head. Apparently in my world it's Fly Your Freak Flag day.

Freaks were applenty today, too, and my 'Stupid People Patience Reserve' started on empty. However, the day did get better, so I can't complain too much. Besides, I'm as much a freak as anyone else.

Did you know that they've changed the Rubber Ducky song on Sesame Street? One of my co-workers played the new clip for me and I'm so sad. I like the original better.

The new version is cute (and now stuck on my head), but it's just not the same ol' Ernie.

Makes me feel old to realize that the Sesame Street I grew up with has changed so much.

I found more funnies today that made me laugh.

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I've felt like this on more than one occasion...

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You kind of have to know my dad to find this one hysterical. He's a life time Boy Scout, Mr. Prepared, Survival King... or just call him PackRat. He saves all the condiment packages and keeps them in gallon size ziplock bags, because he might need them. He keeps some in the car, but he keeps them in the house too. Shoe is sooo channeling my father.


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