Monday, June 25, 2007

Life update

Song Stuck on the Brain: Carrie Anne by The Hollies

This is going to be a really long week. Next week is vacation, I'll have 9 straight day off of work -no bats (Yes, we actually have had a bat problem recently. He's been living in a crack in the cave ceiling and pooping in the floor, much to the dismay of our janitor. I believe his exact words were, "Dumb 'ol Bat!" We sealed the crack up today, hopefully that will be the end of that.), no cranky customers, no alarm clock. YAY! The week leading up to it however is CREEPING by like molasses in January.

It's not that work has been bad, I'm just really ready for some time off. I plan to work on my latest novel during part of that time. My current WIP is more of an Inspiration Chick-lit or Women's humor novel. I took a chance and entered the Get Your Stilletto in the Door contest because the initial response to the early chapters has been so positive. However, now I have to finish the MS, just in case by some rare and wonderful twist of fate, I actually get a request for the full. I have the book outlined by chapter and all the characters are done, so maybe by November I'll have a finished rough draft. This book has been really different than any of the other's I've written. Now I'm hoping someone (read agent or editor) likes it.

In addition to working on a new book this summer, I've been asked to help plan an All Alumni Reunion for our highschool. It's 15 year anniversary is in 2008. I've started that rolling, as long as we can get clearance on locale and such, we're looking at early summer of '08. That seems like a long time from now, but in the planning scheme of things, not so much. If we can pull it off though, it should be pretty cool.

Of course thinking about a giant class reunion got me to wandering down memory lane. When I saw this Cathy Cartoon, I had to post it. It's so me. Maybe a giant reunion will be enough of a push to finally stick to a diet... .

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