Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Best of the Best in Sci-Fi

I was surfing blogs last night, when I stumbled across one bloggers complaint of the new TV line up this fall. Of course they hated half the new shows, and I wouldn’t argue with them – with the exception of ‘Invasion’. I think it’s one of the best new shows this fall. Period. There are other good shows too, but this one has quickly topped my list of must see shows. Which got me to thinking, that although I watch a variety of things, my favorites tend to be Sci-Fi, so I thought I’d list here the top Sci-Fi shows that (in my opinion) are the must watch shows. So here they are in no specific order (they’re too good to choose a favorite among them.)

Stargate: SG-1 – Now in it’s tenth season, it’s the longest running Sci-fi show. Even over Star Trek. The reason? The cast is phenomenal, they have a real chemistry. The show is dramatic and funny, especially since Peter DeLuise joined the shows crew. I was worried the show would suffer too much with the loss of Richard Dean Anderson, but although I miss Jack horribly, the show is doing very well. Besides, I named my dog Jack O’Neil after RDA’s character, so in a way I still have him.

Stargate: Atlantis – The first spin off show worth its price. From the get go it was great. The casting was good to start with, but now in its second season, the characters are really gelling. Plus the Wraith are a great nemesis.

Invasion – Like I said above, hands down the best new show this season. I know others think the premise of aliens landing in the water during a hurricane is cheesy, but the show is anything but. The suspense and pacing is great. My only complaint is that the show is on hiatus until after the holidays. I’m on pins and needles waiting to see what happens to Russell and Dave and who’s shooting at them.

Surface – The second best show out this season. I’ve always been enthralled with Marine Biology, so the idea of finding a new vertebrate in the ocean is really cool. Plus, the story follows a teenager and a female biologist, which I think is a unique twist. However, that show is also on hiatus until after the holidays. (They’re killing me here!)

The 4400 – this is summer run series on USA. Very intriguing plot, and I think, kind of unique. Rather than being aliens, the 4400 are humans taken from different times in history taken to the future and altered for an as yet unknown purpose and then returned all at once in a ball of light to present day. I love that this one is on in the summer when everything else is re-runs. It’s gearing up for its third season and I’m on pins and needles waiting.

Smallville – Okay, not exactly Sci-Fi, but close and it’s definitely one of my fav’s. Not only is Tom Welling (Clark Kent) hot, but so is John Schneider (Clark’s Dad). But really it’s the WB, so of course it’s full of hot actors. However it’s not just the hotness of the male actors that keeps me watching. When it first came out five seasons ago, I actually scoffed at it. But I ate crow, because I love the show. The writers have done a great job of getting into the pull of good and evil on Lex, the inner-struggles of Clark as he deals with betrayal, secrecy and abnormality. And it’s always fun.

I could probably keep going, but I really think these are the core favorites currently airing. If you aren’t a sci-fi fan, and your curious. These are a great place to start. I know I’ve probably missed dozens of other shows that people would claim as the best of the best. But to me this is it. Cream of the crop. Enjoy!

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