Friday, December 16, 2005

Chocolate is chocolate, or is it?

One of our manufacturers sent us a holiday package that included a box of chocolate truffles. The truffles looked pretty nested in their gold foil box and we all eagerly grabbed one to try. Then we just as quickly gagged. They're horrible. Angel had a creme brulee and the filling had crystalized chunks in the creme that stuck to her teeth and wouldn't come off. I ate an amaretto that tasted like chemical flavoring and liquor. But the real problem came when I actually agreed to try another.

'There's only one left. You like coffee, you eat it.' Amie is waving the box under my nose.

Hmm, it's coffee and chocolate, my favorite combo. Surely it's better than the first one, right? WRONG! I took one bite and had to throw the rest away. It tasted like butt. Okay, I don't know what that tastes like, but if I had to guess, this would be it. Twenty minutes later, my mouth still tastes like poop, despite drinking water and then pop to wash it out. I've finally resorted to Altoids Gum. It's only helped a little.

How do you screw up chocolate? I've always said chocolate is chocolate. Some may be classier, but it all tastes good. Well, I've just been proven wrong. Apparently some people ARE capable of screwing up chocolate. And I can't even tell you what brand to avoid, because it was generic packaging. Which means it's possible that my unsuspecting mouth may meet this hell again before the holidays are over. I could just avoid the chocolates, but let's be realistic. That ain't gonna happen. Good thing I bought a new pack of Altoids.

Hoping your chocolate is better,


bbygrlssn1989 said...

Hey April, I'm trying to find pictures like you put do I do that? I tried a couple of ways, but if you could send me something explaining it, I would appreciate it! Thanks!


bbygrlssn1989 said...

p.s. also if you could explain how to post them on my blog, send that too...I left you my personal email address just incase you get this over the weekend. thanks! susan.

chubby-girl said...

Oh, my gosh! heheeh! That sucks! I have had that happen to me but, I don't think with Chocolate. What kind of monster makes bad chocolate!!!! The horror! The insanity! Seriously, chocolate should NEVER be bad!!!

MrMystic said...

I am a chocoholic, there is no such thing as bad chocolate. There is only good chocolate and fabulous chocolate. Oh, yes then there is the out of this world chocolate. ok I have to go and eat some chocolate now.