Friday, December 02, 2005

Rockin' out Country style

Howdy Bloggers, I would have posted this last night, but it was too late when I got home to think clearly. Last night Angel and I saw Keith Urban in concert. Little Big Town opened for him. They’re really incredible. Their current single, “Boondocks”, is one of my favorites.

Keith performed for 2 hours and he rocked. I know he’s a country artist, but that man has got rock in his blood. In fact, if he plays his woman like he plays his guitar, Nicole Kidman must be in heaven. He wails on that guitar. In fact, Keith’s probably one of the best guitarists around. You’d think that would be accomplishment enough, but then he plays the Ganjo, banjo, sitar, drums and piano too. If I had just the amount of talent he holds in his pinky alone….

Keith’s quite the showman and really energetic. He was all over the stage, even jumped on a wire suspended in the air and rode it out over the audience to a small stage at the other end of the arena. It really felt like a great big jam session. He and his band members played around a lot, playing little bits of this and that and showing off their skills in between numbers. He covered a lot of material too, including some of my favorites like “I Just Wanna Cry Tonight” and “But for the Grace of God”.

It’s amazing how the concert experience has changed with the times. I go to a lot of concerts and they all have great pyrotechnics or video screens or something, and that’s certainly more advanced than it used to be. But what caught my attention last night was the fans. Fifteen years ago I saw Garth Brooks in concert at the same arena. He had just as much energy, maybe even more and it was a great show. The fans were ecstatic, waving all their Bics and Zippos in the air. It was a sea of lighters and we were darn lucky the fire extinguishers didn’t go off. Last night though, there were only a couple of lighters. Instead it was a sea of luminous phones. There were a few glow sticks, but mostly it was people’s phones glowing as they waved them over their heads. Some were probably even recording. I had to laugh. I can’t imagine what we’ll be waving in another fifteen years. Anyway, the concert was awesome. Probably one of the best I’ve seen. If you have a chance to see Keith Urban in concert, go. You won’t regret it.

We didn’t get out until well after 11pm and then got lost trying to get out of the bottoms and back onto I-70. After getting turned around a few times and crossing the Kansas border needlessly, we got back on track. It was funny though, so we had a good laugh. We don’t usually have that problem, but traffic got rerouted leaving the show. Tomorrow night we get to try it again. We’re headed out with Lindz to see Rob Thomas and Anna Nalick.

Keep on rockin,

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chubby-girl said...

I am so jealous...he is incredibly hot!!! Another case of Kenny & Renee though...I don't like Nichole Kidman...she doesn't deserve him! heehhehee...