Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Glory Road vs. Work Load

Song Stuck on the Brain: The Chicken Dance

Actually, this song has been stuck on the brain off and on throughout the entire Holiday weekend. My youngest niece (4) got a Dora the Explorer book and CD set w/ a little player. Of course her favorite song out of the 20 some odd choices was the Chicken Dance. She must have played it a hundred times. We tried to teach her the dance, but she was having a hard time getting it all put together. I have some video, when I get it strung together, I'll post it.

I was supposed to do all kinds of housework last night in preperation for a dinner party on New Year's Day, but that kind of went the way of the lost. I totally couch potatoed out after dinner. I did do laundry, but that was pretty much the extent of it.

Instead, I watched the movie Glory Road starring Josh Lucas. I'd wanted to see it in the theater, but never got around to it. I have to say, as good as it looked, it surprised me by being 3 times better than it even looked in previews. It's a really inspiring story. I found myself cheering during the game scenes, especially the final game for the championships. It's a MOVIE for gosh sakes and I'm sitting on the couch screaming, "Block him!" "Get that Ball!" "Shoot, shoot, shoot!"

I felt like I was back in highschool cheering for the CPRS Eagles and our Starting J's. (All five starters had J names.)

I can't say I'm a huge sports movie fan, but this one really ranks high as a great movie. Like Radio, Rudy, Rocky, A League of Their Own, Remember the Titans & Miracle. (Okay, so there were mores sports movies I loved than I remembered.) I could toss in Mighty Ducks, Karate Kid and Jerry McGuire, but I'm not sure those really count as full on sports movies. Anyway, sports lover or not, you may just find you like this one too.

After the movie, I finished Emilie Richards book Blessed Is the Busybody. Very funny, very clever book. Kind of a Cozy Mystery. I don't typically choose that kind, but this one was really well done. I've got the sequel, Let Their Be Suspects, but I can't start it until I get caught up on my Bookclub and Reviewers books.

I did work a little on the plot for one of my novels, but by 1 am, I realized I should be in bed, so I gave it up for the night. I really need to find a way to add more hours in my day to do all the things I want. I'd give up sleep completely if it wasn't for the fact that I enjoy it so much. Which leaves my other option as cutting my work hours, but I don't think the utilities could handle that. The obvious choice would be to cut back on TV time, but who wants to do that?!?

Maybe tonight I'll get some house work done.

Maybe not.


craftymama said...

Cool! Can I borrow Glory Road if it's yours? And that Emilie Richards book?

April Erwin said...

Glory Road was on Cable, but sure, you can borrow Blessed is the Busybody. Get it on New Year's Day?

craftymama said...

Sounds good! :) Can't wait!