Thursday, May 17, 2007

Odds and Ends

Song Stuck on the Brain: I Saw the Sign by The Cranberries

The Odd:

Our local news station did a feature expose on a strange new trend that's popped up on the Internet. Apparently, there is a new way to pass a drug screening illegally. Rather than sneaking in clean urine in a container and risking the nasty business of leakage (GAG), now you have the option of buying real, DEHYDRATED, human urine on-line. For around $40 bucks you get a tube of powdered urine which you sneak into the bathroom and pour into your test receptacle.

Then, just add water and shake. (GAG!!) They guarantee that the test will come back clean. An undercover reporter tested this product, and sure 'nuff, it worked. Which I find COMPLETELY disturbing on more than one level. It's bad enough there are people out there faking their drug tests, and even worse, people willing to help them do so. But who is raking in the big bucks to sell their pee? And WHO figured out how to dehydrate it? Seriously, how do you put that job on your resume? Are you a Uric Acid Moisture Controller? Human Waste Chemist? And where do the get the pee? Do they have Urine Banks and Pee Drives? It's just so wrong. And Disgusting. And did I mention WRONG?!

The End:

Well, my prediction for top 3 on American Idol was spot on. Melinda, Jordin and Blake rose to the top like the cream of the crop they are. However, my prediction for winner is WAY off. Melinda reached the end of her journey last night.

I can't say I was disappointed by the vote. Surprised yes, but not upset. I love Melinda, she's got a spectacular voice and she's going to have a fabulous career - no doubt. But I just didn't see her as an American Idol. I think Jordin and Blake have a much better shot at being more marketable and versatile to a large range of people. At least in my opinion.

I really expected that Blake would get the boot, because he was in the bottom two last time. I voted for a solid hour for him, but didn't really expect it would help. Guess I was wrong. That and probably all the other Blaker fans did the same thing. I was really glad to see him in the final two. At this point, I don't care which of them wins. I'll be happy with him or Jordin. And they're both going to get a deal anyway, so it's not really a big deal. Next week should be an interesting season finale though.

Just for Fun:

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