Tuesday, May 08, 2007

To fall or not to fall

Song Stuck on the Brain: You are My Sunshine, My only Sunshine, You make me Happy, When skies are grey.

Did anyone watch the Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman last night? I typically wouldn't watch a reality show. I don't usually like them. And the Bachelor is one of those that I shun because it's so outrageous in my mind. I just find it hard to believe you can find your life mate through this set up.

That being said, when I saw the ad's for the Bachelor this year, I was hooked. Officer Andy Baldwin is very nearly - the perfect man. I had to watch just because he seemed too good to be true. The more I watch, the more I can see why these girls are so smitten. He really is an incredible guy.

Last night he met the families of the four remaining girls, then chose the three he wanted to continue with. Amber, the girl going home was crushed. Not that she shouldn't be, but I actually felt bad for her and Andy.

Usually when I see girls boo-hooing over this guy they barely know, I get irritated. Come on! You can't possibly know him well enough to think he's The One. You barely get to see him without 20 other girls butting in, how can you be crying that he broke your heart?

But in this case, Andy is really putting forth the effort to find The One. And in order to do that, he's put his whole heart out there on the line - and encouraged the girls to do the same. Being in the top four meant Amber had invested a lot into a potential relationship. She and Andy deserved to cry. I deserved to cry with them.

The remaining three - Tessa, Bevin and Danielle - are falling pretty hard too. Tessa is the one girl who still struggles to let go and fall completely for Andy. And I can't blame her. He wants to know her true feelings so he can make a really tough decision. She's scared she'll give away her heart and then be crushed if she's not chosen.

I couldn't do it. I'm watching these women tell the camera that they have to give their whole heart. To fall and love and try it out - or they'll regret it the rest of their lives. They seem so confident that they can just get over it if they aren't chosen, and not be any worse for it.

How do they do that? Maybe I'm alone in feeling this way, but how do you risk it all, fall head over heels and then say, it's okay, I'll hurt for a while but I'll be okay. Why would you want to risk falling in love if you're not sure it will be reciprocated? I know there aren't any guarantees, but I want a little more certainty before I hand over my heart.



Melanie Dickerson said...

I hate those shows. But it's an interesting blog post, April. I can see how the producers could milk the broken hearts for all they're worth.
But it looks like there's something wrong with the guy's teeth in that picture. Sorry, I couldn't help but notice.

April Erwin said...

LOL! Are you dissin' my man? :) I think he's pretty hot, my sister's like, eh, he's okay. I guess to each their own. And I agree, I would usually avoid a show like this like the plague, but there was something about this one...