Monday, May 14, 2007

Caution: Mind Control in Effect

Song Stuck on the Brain: When the Stars Go Blue by Blake Lewis

The 4400 is returning! Yay! I was surfing to find a start date for the new season, June 17th if you're interested, and found a quiz on the website. Fun, right? I love quizzes. This one is to tell you what your 4400 power would be if you'd been abducted. Here's my answer:

You are a Mind Control Master

There’s nothing you like more than getting your way, and you’re not opposed to cutting corners or stepping on toes to make it happen. And you’re in luck – your abduction by-product would be the popular 4400 power of mind control! Think of all the time and breath you’ll save by condensing your complex mind games into a split-second. Now you’ll have time to work on being a little less calculating and a little more genuine. Just a thought.

Take The 4400 Power Quiz.

What?! Okay, so mind control would be a cool power, but this answer doesn't really sound like me. (Does it?) I took this quiz SIX times. Got the same answer every time. So, now I'm wondering if EVERYONE gets mind control or am I just really this terrible?

I don't want to be compared to Isabelle. Sure, she's the most powerful, but she's childish and scary too! PLEASE say that's not me. Why not have Shawn's power? I'd love to have his healing ability. Or Alana's ability to create alternate worlds. Think how that would improve my writing!

It's funny though, cuz Angel and I are always joking about our ability to influence each other by our brain waves. One of us will be thinking something completely off the wall and off topic and the other will say it. Not sure which of us sends and which receives, I think we take turns. We say the same thing at the same time, or show up some place dressed exactly a like. (No we're not twins.) We always tell each other, "Get out of my head! I was there first!" We've been toying with the idea of combining our "Wonder Twin" powers and trying to affect other people. Like the Buck Rogers episode where the little people could control things by thinking. There's a scene where they want to see a woman without her clothes because they've never seen a female before. So they combine their mind power and start chanting in unison, "Off Think, Off Think, Off Think..." and her clothes start slipping. Not that we want to disrobe anyone, but how cool would that be?

Wow, so maybe I'm more Isabelle than I want to admit. Anyway, I'm asking everyone - begging really- to go take the quiz and tell me what you get. If everyone comes up mind control, I won't feel so bad. But... well, I'll just hope you all get different results.

Keepin' my fingers crossed,

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