Friday, August 03, 2007

Lyrically Endowed

Song Stuck on the Brain: The Birdie Song (Good Morning Song)

Way up in the sky, The little birds fly.
While down in the nest, The little birds rest.
With a wing on the left, And a wing on the right.
The little birds sleep, All through the night..
Sshhhhhhh! They’re sleeping!!
When the bright sun comes up, The dew falls away.
Good morning, good morning, The little birds say.
I open my eyes, I get out of bed,
I open my window and SMASH THAT BIRDS HEAD!

That last little verse is so demented. Some guy at junior high camp taught it to me and now I can't sing the song without adding it. The nieces and nephews like it too. It's their favorite part of the action song. They get to pound their fists on the last line.

Angel and I have a talent for spouting song lyrics at the drop of a hat - or word. (Some call it annoying, but really, it's much more a gift.) On a good day, when we're on a roll, we can sing a phrase for pretty much any sentence we hear. My oldest nephew is particularly frustrated by this. Especially when we pop up with the songs in unison. It interrupts his train of thought, and in stereo to boot.

We have kind of freaky twin like ESP thing, even though we're 11 years apart. It's uncanny how often we start singing outloud the song that the other has running through their head. Or finish each others thoughts - or just say them out loud together.

Anyway, when I saw this 44 Union cartoon, it made me think of Angel and I's wonder twin powers and I had to share it.

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It's finally Friday (oh wait, I'll sing that too.) I'm so glad to see the weekend here. Have fun, ya'll.
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