Friday, February 24, 2006

Celebrate Good Times...

Last night was a night for celebrations. It started out as a Sister's Night Out at On the Border. My oldest sister's divorce has been finalized - need we a better reason to celebrate? We even toasted her freedom with Virgin Daiquiris. After dinner we headed back to my place to watch movies and (drum role please...) to see who had been axed from American Idol.

Hallelujah! All my fav's made it to the next round! I had anticipated them cutting Becky, Stevie, Bobby and Sway. However, Sway made it through (How, I have no idea.) and they cut Patrick instead. That was a little sad, but overall I was really pleased with the results. I did feel bad for Stevie though. She sounded so much better last night than she did Tuesday. If she could have nailed it that way the first go round, she might not have been cut so quickly. However, she wasn't a strong competitor, so she probably would have gone home soon anyway.

After the elimination show, we had to make my oldest sister, Judy, watch Ace's performance from Weds. (Actually we watched it a couple of times. Then when they went home, I watched it a couple more...) Judy thought he was cute, but didn't get the major vibes he was radiating. Poor thing has been out of circuit so long she doesn't even recognize a hot man when she sees him. Seriously, if he has all the female viewers in a tizzy just watching him on t.v., imagine what seeing him live would do for you. Lucky Paula!

We ended the night watching 'Head Over Heels' with Freddie Prinze, Jr. He's so adorable and that movie slays me. Hamlet the Great Dane is priceless and cuddly looking. I love 'Candi with an i' ,too. Her stories from the 'dark farm' are hysterical. Heaven forbid any of us meet her Uncle Pete!

So now my weekend is almost here. Tonight I'll be tuned in to the latest Stargate episodes and Numb3rs. Hope your weekend ROCKS!


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