Thursday, February 23, 2006

Guys and Dolls

Well, after last nights American Idol performance, I have to say that the Guys have it hands down. There were truly some great performances last night and a few that could have been if nerves were settled.

The girls just didn't do much for me. In fact, the highlights on Monday night for me were Ayla Brown and Katharine McPhee. Katharine especially was the dark horse of the night, since we really hadn't heard much from her previously. Ayla was nervous, but overall she did a good job with a very challenging song. Paris was energetic, but her vocals weren't great. For some reason I just wasn't feeling her performance. Kellie Pickler is one of my 'picks' for the top three. After Monday's performance I'm thinking I may regret that, but she still has a lot of potential so I won't count her out yet. Katharine or Ayla could give her a real run for her money though in the girls competition.

The guys however were just fantastic. Ace Young topped the performances for me last night. He may or may not have the 'best' voice in the competition, but he certainly knows how to use it. He's definitely the whole package. Thank goodness for DVR. We watched his performance a LOT last night. Rewind... drool.... rewind.... sigh.... rewind.... heart palpitations.... . He's one to watch. Chris Daughtry did a stand up job too. It was tough choosing a favorite last night because there were several that really gave it their all. Chris is definitely not a 'fake' rocker. I loved his vocals and his song choice. He's a real natural on stage. Elliot Yamin did a great job too. I wasn't sure what to expect from him since I hadn't heard him much. He did a fantastic job though. Some of the other guys didn't give their best performances, but I'm hoping they stay. I think David, Patrick, Kevin and Will are all good vocalists. Given a chance to find their place on stage, I think they could all do well.

And Taylor Hicks? He's still my man. I love his voice and his personality. I may not have chosen the song he did last night as a favorite, but the man's still just got it. He's so unique and in a GOOD way. I can't wait until next week to see what the guys pull out next.

Am I pathetic to be this into a reality show? Wait, don't answer that. You have to admit though, it can be an addictive show. I even find myself liking Simon this year. (Shocker, I know.) This could be the best season yet.

Keeping my fingers crossed for tonights results,

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chubby-girl said...

Taylor reminds me of Jay Leno.