Monday, February 20, 2006

Outside the Modus Operandi

Well, this weekend was definitely a switch from my normal ‘modus operandi’. (Did I spell that right? Latin isn’t my strong suit.) A typical Saturday entails movie and lunch out, usually with my sisters or some friends. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that, but it does tend to get a little boring. Thing is, there’s not generally much else to do.

However, this weekend, we kind of shook things up. (At least, in my world we shook things up.) After spending the afternoon shopping with Angel and our ‘nearly sister’ Angela, we headed to Alley Katz in Lee’s Summit to hear live music. Lovely LaShanda has joined the band Soul DeZire and they had their first gig. We met up with a bunch of friends and listened to them perform. After Alley Katz, Angela took us to Tanner’s for Karaoke. That was certainly a new experience. I’m hoping this was just a bad night, because other than a couple of singers, it was just HORRIBLE! Talk about caterwauling! We closed up with Tanner’s at 1am and then headed home.

When I told Mom what we did, she said, ‘You went bar hopping?’ Hmm. Yes, I suppose in essence, we did. Course the strongest thing we sipped was Coke, but I suppose we did bar hop. (Actually, I was the designated buyer. Most of them drank water. I felt like SOMEBODY, should order something if we were going to take up a table…) It’s not usually my scene, but the live music is fun, and it was a blast doing it with a group of friends. It also helped that none of the other patrons were obnoxiously drunk. I did learn a few things while we were bar hopping – like how to spin quarters, you really can screw up the simple songs, and … well I can’t repeat the other things. You’ll just have to wonder.

I think the only real downside was all the cigarette smoke. I’m still suffering a sinus headache and I had to wash my hair twice the next morning to get the smell out. Even my Coke began to taste like an ash tray after a while. It would be so much more fun to hear the bands, if we could get venues like that to all be smoke free. Maybe I’ll start a letter writing campaign….

It was nice to do something different for a change though – maybe next weekend I’ll take up dance halls. (Ha ha ha…. You should hear the laughter!)

Happy Monday, hope your weekend rocked.

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chubby-girl said...

Sounds like fun! ;o) Glad you changed it up a bit. It's nice to do that sometimes.