Monday, February 13, 2006

Odd and Miscelaneous

Today has been a strange one. It all started with my weird dream this morning just before waking. If you don’t know me, strange dreams are not unusual and REALLY strange dreams are actually very common.

Anyway, I think this one was influenced by the fact that I watched Charmed last night and then read the Fantasy novel ‘Od Magic’ that is our book club’s selection this month. I dreamed that I had the power to ‘orb’ things. (If you don’t watch Charmed, it’s the power that can transport things from one place to the next instantly. In Charmed the object disintegrates into white light and then reforms as the solid object at the new location.) In the dream, I and my old high school classmates were actually part of a secret, underground facility for students with super powers. We were infiltrated by military men that wanted to force us to use our powers for evil. They had a machine that they called their ‘Star Wars’ weapon. It used a crystal and a laser and shot down incoming objects. They were using it to block our attacks on them. I knew that the only way to turn the tide, was to orb the weapon out and away from them. Unfortunately, my power was not strong enough on it’s own. So, I joined forces with Julie H. and Jeremy G. who could also ‘orb’. We orbed it straight up, just out of the atmosphere where it would orbit as trash or at least burn up on re-entry. Then we ‘orbed’ all the guns away and took our school back.

To top off the day, my LF syndrome is still acting up. Today the song was ‘Isaac-A-Zumba’. Do you know it? Isaac-A-Zumba Zumba Zumba, Isaac-A-Zumba Zumba Zay. Isaac-A-Zumba Zumba Zumba, Isaac-A-Zumba Zumba Zay. Hold ‘em down, you Zulu warriors, Hold ‘em down you Zulu Chiefs, Chiefs, Chiefs, Chiefs, Chiefs, HEY! Tell me where that one came from?!?

Another odd note, did anyone see the pics of the new World Boxing Association Heavy Weight Champ? He’s a seven foot Russian and just HUGE! I mean, how do you have a fair fight with a guy like this? Forget not hitting below the belt, that’s the only place you could reach!

Hold em down you Zulu warriors…. (See it’s still stuck in my head!)

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sexyaj said...

I know where the isaac a zumba came from!!!! Church camp, that is where I learned it