Tuesday, February 07, 2006

'Surface' Tension

Do any of you watch Surface on NBC? Last night was the season finale (way too early in my opinion.) All season we've watched Laura, Rich and Miles search for the answers about these new lizard like creatures that are taking over the oceans and killing people. We've finally been told that the creatures are man made and that there is a massive underground Science facility that has been secretly cloning things long before Dolly the Sheep. (Or is that the Dolly Lamb-a? Sorry, couldn't resist. You can flog me later.)

Laura and Rich broke into the plant and discovered a genetic Noah's Ark, so to speak, being loaded on trains and run deep into the Mariana trench at the bottom of the ocean. Above ground, the sea creatures have ripped up the ocean floor so much that they've caused a 9.5 earthquake setting off a bi-coastal tsunami. Laura and Rich finally meet Miles as they're fleeing the coastal area. As the giant wave is racing toward them, they race into a church and climb to the steeple. The final shot is of them standing on the roof overlooking the now flooded landscape. Sea creatures swim around the flooded buildings and Laura says, 'It's a whole new world.'

That's the end. Are you kidding me?! How am I ever going to stand the wait for new episodes?! As it was, I was shouting at the t.v. and holding my breath. If the last few episodes are that intense, how will my nerves handle a 9 month hiatus?

I think TV producers need to get with the times and schedule their shows more like we schedule our kids school time. A lot of schools now go year round with just a few weeks off ever so many months. Wouldn't that be a lot better option for the tv viewers like me? Give me new episodes for two months and take a one month break, then repeat the cycle. Or, if you must, try what Stargate does. Air for three months, break three months, Air three months, break again. It's not fun, but it's a whole lot easier on the nerves than waiting nine months! (I know, Pregnancy is gonna kill me.)

You're probably thinking I'd be better off, if I just wouldn't get so tied up in the story lines. I mean it's only TV right? Wrong! It's like living a different life, taking a vacation or being a daredevil - all without the lies, expense or risk. I need that kind of outlet and escape and very few tv shows can offer that right now.

So needless to say, I find myself full of 'Surface' tension. They'd better not cancel this one.


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