Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blogging 4 Books Contest - Magic

I found a contest on line called Blogging 4 Books. They give you a topic, you blog about it, and if you’re any good, you could win an autographed book. Seeing as this month’s guest author is, Shanna Swendson, one of my fav’s, I couldn’t help but give it a try. You should too, so get blogging!


Magic is one of those words that can be construed as many different things. Probably the most common is the hocus pocus kind we read about in fairy tales as kids. I had a really active imagination. I don’t know how many times I wished that I could turn veggies into carriages and hand me downs into ball gowns.

It didn’t stop with fairy tales though. For me, I discovered that a sense of ‘magic’ was in a whole lot more than Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Disney didn’t own the market on it. In fact, as I grew I began to realize that although fairy tale magic was fiction, there was in fact a real kind of magic. One that had nothing to do with hocus pocus.

Magic became more of a broad term for the mystery of the unknown, another way to describe how I felt about God’s amazing creation. Suddenly it was found in the massive depths of the Ocean. Sea creatures that were more alien than animal, plants that were more rock than vegetation. How could I describe the beauty and grandeur as anything but amazing, fantastic - magical? It entranced me. I devoured books of every kind about whales, sharks and marine biology. The more I learned, the more magical the place seemed.

The same holds true for the infinity of space. I guess that one seems more obvious, since Sci-Fi is so wildly popular. But it was the magical feeling of ‘what if’ that drew me to that final frontier. Not just the space travel, but the science that made those things possible. The idea that just maybe there is more out there than we’re willing to admit.

Maybe what makes magic real to us isn’t the fairy tales, or the movies, or the magicians that work so hard to cast their illusions. Maybe what makes magic real is the source of curiosity that is born in all of us, that rush we feel when we find something new that fascinates us. Maybe the real magic is in the awe and wonder we feel at a world that is so much more than just a chance of Fate.



chubby-girl said...

That sounds pretty interesting! ;o)

Camy Tang said...

I just got Enchanted, Inc. and I can't wait to dive into it!

April Erwin said...

You'll LOVE it. Don't forget the sequel "Once Upon Stilettos", it's great too.