Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Da Vinci Code gets Chop Sueyed

I find it interesting that China pulled this movie. Was it because in their strongly Anti-Christian country they can't stand to hear Jesus talked about at all - derogatory or not? Did they fear that the controversial topic would drive the public to read the prolific amounts of literature that countermand Dan Brown's theory?

Or are they just opposed to Tom Hanks new hairstyle?

I have to say I'm kind of on the fence with this movie. I absolutely DO NOT agree with Dan Brown's theory. It's a load of Bull Dung. However, I did enjoy the read. It was fastpaced and intriguing. Two important things in a book. Maybe not the best WRITTEN, but a fun read. In truth, there ARE groups throughout history that have bought into this load of bunk, so from a purely historical point of view, the puzzle was fun.

On the other hand, do I want to encourage that false belief? Promote the lie to unknowing and unbelieving masses? It's a tough question for me. I want to see the movie, and yet... . Of course I don't want to encourage lies. I guess my point is not whether the movie has value or is any good. It's more of just an interesting little tid bit.


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China Pulls 'Da Vinci Code' From Theaters
Thursday , June 08, 2006
Associated Press

HONG KONG — The Chinese government, in an unprecedented move, has ordered movie theaters to stop showing "The Da Vinci Code," movie industry officials said Thursday.

Chinese authorities said the withdrawal of the movie from theaters Friday was to make way for locally produced films, one industry executive said, declining to be named because she wasn't authorized to speak to the media on the matter.

But another Hollywood blockbuster, "Ice Age: The Meltdown" was to be released in China on Friday, said the executive, who added that "The Da Vinci Code" was the first foreign film to be pulled from theaters in China after being approved for release.

"The Da Vinci Code," which has been opposed by Christian groups because it suggests Jesus fathered children who continued his lineage, has made $13 million since its release on May 19. It was on its way to becoming one of the highest-earning foreign films in China, the executive said.

A man who answered the phone at the press office of China's Film Bureau in Beijing said he was "unclear" about whether the film was pulled from cinemas. He declined to give his name.

Wu Hehu, a spokesman for Shanghai's United Cinema Line Corporation, said he received a notice to cease showing the film, but he didn't know why the order was made.

"This is such a short notice from the film's distributor. They will stop showing it from tomorrow," Wu said.

"I don't know the reason either. We just do what we are told to do," he said.

"Pearl Harbor," which made $13 million, has been the No. 2 foreign film in Chinese box office history, the industry executive said.

"Titanic" was first, fetching $45 million.



bbygrlssn1989 said...

Hey, April. It's Susan. I was just wondering if Nancy is still working with you at the warehouse. I have emailed her several times to find out how she is doing, but she hasn't replied...just thought maybe she left or something? Let me know...my email address is spearce@kcstar.com
Susan Pearce

chubby-girl said...

I haven't read the book or seen the movie. I do have the book or did have the book. Just haven't had time to read it. Oh, and you're killing me with your selection...life on another planet...you know how much I love science fictiony things. lol!

April Erwin said...

Sorry! I know, I thought about that after I chose it. :( I'm hoping it's as good as her Firebird Trilogy, I love those. I haven't finished Shivering World yet, haven't had time to get past the first 2 chaps. I'm going to try and dive into it tonight. Your turns coming and you can get me... somehow... :) Sariah's picked hers but I don't think she's announced it yet. It's 'Till We Have Faces' by C.S. Lewis. I don't know much about it, but C.S. Lewis is a good writer, so I think it will be a good read.

chubby-girl said...

Cool, I'll have to look into that one and get prepared. I have read C.S. Lewis before...but years ago.