Wednesday, July 12, 2006

CopyCat Bandwagon

I’m jumping on the ‘copycat’ bandwagon again. I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers have little ‘note of the day’ kind of things at the top of each day’s entry. For example Shanna Swendson has a huge t-shirt collection, so she has a ‘t-shirt of the day’. I’ve seen others that list the song or album currently playing on their ipod. I think those are really fun ideas. I wanna do it too. Unfortunately, I don’t wear t-shirts that say stuff and I don’t have an ipod. I do however have LF Syndrome, and music is always floating through my brain. So MY copycat feature will be: Song Stuck on the Brain.

I actually wanted to start this yesterday, but forgot to post it. I’ve had weird ones lately. Monday it was “Pop Goes the Weasel” (Or, There was a man from Nottingham, who tried to cross the river. What a dope! He tripped on a rope, now look at him shiver. Courtesy of Will Scarlet in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. ) I can’t take all the blame for that one though. My office mates were conspiring against me. All of them were humming or whistling it at some point during the day.

Tuesday, for no known reason, I had Darth Vader’s theme music stuck in my brain. You know the one they play every time he comes on screen? Yeah, have no idea where that came from.

Today’s Song Stuck on the Brain is “Something More” (I need to praise you) by Kristy Starling. This song makes more sense because I heard it on the radio while getting dressed this morning. However it is not a TYPICAL song for me to get stuck on, so beware.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for anyone else getting these songs stuck on their brain. If you choose to hum, whistle or sing the song when you read the title, and that action induces a state of repetitive melody, it is in no way the fault of this blogger.

Only two more days until we get new Stargate episodes!!! (Doing my happy dance)


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chubby-girl said...

This morning I had "At The Doctor" (the Wiggles) stuck in my head for whatever one is visiting the doctor today and I haven't heard it for at least a week.