Friday, July 28, 2006

Granny Time

Sung stuck on the Brain: Stacy's Mom (heard it while watching Psych tonight and it stuck.)

Ah, finally the end to another crazy week. I've had my SciFi Friday fix. Loved the special joint episode of Stargate that had the SG-1 team visiting Atlantis. Watching Rodney and Samantha go head to head is hysterical.

Next up is a visit with Granny Boo, which means hours of listening to old school country and playing Canasta. Actually, Angel I will be playing Canasta and Granny will be cheating. She taught us to play when we were too little to hold all the cards by ourselves. She'd go easy on us so we could win. As we got older, she didn't have to try very hard to let us win. We'd gotten pretty good. Now she rewrites the rules as often as possible, sneaks peeks at everyone's cards and 'accidentally' knocks the discard pile over so she can see what's in the pot. Even then she still struggels to win, and when Granny is 'sucking hind tit', she's not pleasant. Lately we've had to resort to cheating in her behalf so that she can beat us. You know it's sad when every effort you make is to throw her points without her knowing.

She'll say, "Well, Stupid! What did you do that for! I've got six of those on the board. You just gave me a natural, that's five hundred points you know!"

We just nod and say "Uh-huh, what was I thinking? Guess I'd better be more careful."

Oh well, every family has their colorful character, Granny is ours. It should be an interesting weekend. Hope you enjoy yours.


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