Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rants from an obsessed fan

Today’s Song Stuck on the Brain: Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman theme song. I actually thought it was the Indiana Jones theme song at first, and then I realized that I was meshing the two together. They sound a little bit a like. I’ve been re-watching the Lois and Clark series. I’m on season three now.

I am so glad it’s nearly Friday, I can hardly stand it. I’m actually counting down the hours until Stargate airs tomorrow night. (26 ½ hours if you’re interested.) Angel and I re-watched the last four episodes of Stargate: Atlantis last night so the cliffhanger would be fresh on our minds. The writing teams for both SG shows are really good at season enders that leave you traumatized for months. With Atlantis, they left three of the main characters - Rodney, Ronan and John Shepherd - trapped on an enemy Wraith ship. All of Atlantis thinks they’re lost for good. Of course, as a viewer you know they couldn’t possibly have killed off any of those characters, much less all three. Then again… SG-1 killed off Daniel Jackson for a year, so I guess you never can tell.

Come to think of it I actually dreamed about that last night. I dreamed that they DID kill of John Shepherd’s character and instead of doing Atlantis, actor Joe Flanigan switched to doing The 4400. I think my psyche was so traumatized by the idea that his character might really be gone, that I had to create a new place for him. The 4400 is my other favoritest SciFi show. Let’s just hope my dream was a bunch of nonsense like normal.

Oh, I also dreamed that Numb3rs returned and they had cut all of David Krumholtz’s beautiful curly hair off. I actually ranted in my dream. How dare they? How could they cut it all off? Do they even KNOW how much the fans love his hair? Sheesh!

I’m surprised the cancellation of Invasion and Surface haven’t caused me nightmares. What is it with regular network television that they can’t let a really good SciFi show air longer than one season? Besides the few exceptions, like Star Trek and Quantum Leap, few SciFi shows lasted very long. If we were lucky, the SciFi network picked up the good ones and kept them alive. Too bad they didn’t do that with at least Invasion. It was a strong show that really could have gone places. As it is, I’ll never know what happened to Sheriff Tom and the rest of the town in Invasion.

I loved Surface, but I know that it didn’t have as strong a following. I hate it when they do a cliffhanger and then cancel it before answering all the questions they set up for the next season. There should be a law that says if they cancel a show like that, they have to film one final episode to wrap the project. Like John Doe for example. That was the worst cliffhanger for a show I’ve ever seen. After an entire season of watching Digger and John bond as best friends while John tries to discover who he is, they reveal in the last five seconds of the season finale that Digger is the bad guy. Then they pulled the plug. I will never know why Digger betrayed John, why John was gifted or who he was and where he came from. I’ll never know what the Phoenix group was after or what their endgame was. I hate it. John Doe was a fantastic show with a great cast and they let it die.

If I ever get one of those network execs in an office alone, I’m going to string them up by their toes, whip them with wet noodles and force them to listen to Tiny Tim’s Tiptoeing Through the Tulips on continuous play.

I know. Get a life, right?

I will just as soon as my shows are over…

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