Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Treasure Hunters

Song Stuck on the Brain: Button Off My Shirt by Ronnie Milsap

I hate reality shows - okay, I do like American Idol and America's Got Talent, but usually I hate reality shows. However, I've become addicted to the new Treasure Hunters on NBC. Have you seen it? Ten three member teams are competing for a million dollar treasure by hunting clues around the world. They've scaled glaciers in Alaska, dove in the waters off Hawaii, trekked through the swamps following the Underground Railroad and now they're in Europe.

I admit, I'm usually just as stumped as they are with some of the clues. I'm probably worse, because I get the benefit of the camera pointing out clues. In fact, I would totally suck if I was actually on a team. But last night I was actually yelling at them, because they just kept missing the obvious.

First off, they had to travel to Dover Castle to search for their final clue. They were told that the arrow would point the way. My first thought is, 'Go up to the highest point on the tower and look out, just like you did with the light house clue a couple of weeks ago'. But NOOO, most of them did that last and wasted huge amounts of time. Then, when they did see the arrow shaped piece of wall on the grounds, they didn't think it was the clue. They finally got it though and found a piece of parchment. They were told it held a secret code and they'd have to solve the code to get their final clue. My first thought? Invisible ink. I learned how to do it when I was six. You use lemon juice to write, then apply heat to make the images appear.

Team Airforce

So, they go to the church where the clue is hidden, walk in and candles are everywhere. I'm like YES! Go use the candles! Nope. It took them hours to figure it out. Team Airforce had gotten lost (a rarity for them. They're machines.) but when they did arrive, they tried it within like ten minutes. Which is why I'm rooting for them to win. They're so smart and so far have avoided all the drama that keeps popping up among the other teams. Even when they got stuck with the Fogal Family, they kept their word and helped them along even though they nearly lost out because of it.

The Fogal Family consistently formed alliances and then screwed the other team to get ahead. They were so horrible, the rest of the teams coined the term 'Fogaling' - they especially enjoyed "Fogaling the Fogals". The Fogals got dropped last night though, so it will be interesting to see who becomes the new hated team. I kind of expect it to be The Geniuses, that's who I want dropped next. They get on my nerves.


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