Friday, July 14, 2006


Song Stuck On the Brain: B-I-N-G-O (my psyche was trying to find it's happy place. Hence my reverting to childhood tunes.)


I do mean that in every essence that capital letters can lend. Today was one of those days that would have been better spent poking bamboo splinters beneath my fingernails. I'll spare you the gory details, suffice it to say I was sold downriver as a scape goat. Always nice to know how much people love you.

Then, much to my surprise I got a message out of the blue from a guy I haven't heard from in ages. I haven't really assigned that a 'good' or 'bad' status. After the morning I had, it was more of a 'huh, that's interesting' kinda thing.

All I know is that I've got two days comin' that are completely NON work related. I'm gonna hang with my friends and forget that this dumb bat cave even exists.

Only 3 hrs and 15 min until New Stargate episodes.



chubby-girl said...

Thank you so much for coming to the shindig and for the goodies...I've already started writing some things that I want to make sure I include in the notebook.

April Erwin said...

Ah, you are quite welcome. It was fun. I'm glad you liked your goodies. I can't wait to see what all ends up in your memoir/novel. :)