Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A's Wild Kingdom... Part 3?

Song Stuck on the Brain: Green Acres theme song. We have a customer who's store name is Green Acres. Unfortunately this song gets stuck in the office's collective brain every time one of us takes their order.

I had another close encounter of the wild kind this weekend. I was doing a fantasy photo shoot for my nephew. He wanted to be a SWAT officer and a hunter, so we got the costumes together, then drove around shooting in several locations. Our last stop was the rock out croppings outside of my work location.

Our offices are in caves, so the outside is pretty cool to work with. It has kind of an industrial look for some shots and more woodsy look for others. Anyway, I had him climb up this brushy incline to pose in a rock alcove and everything was going great. I clomped around in the brush below taking pictures. After the last shot, I happened to look down and noticed something black at my feet.

What is that? I look closer. Is that a bicycle inner tube? I look closer. Are those scales? I look even closer. Yep. Those are scales.

"AHHHHH! Snake!!"

"Where?!" Angel is standing beside me and after levitating back a few feet, I point to it. She's standing just on the other side of the 2 foot long black snakes sunning spot.

We both freak out a little and poor Aaron is now stuck on the rocks above and scared to come down. Wait, sorry. He's not scared of snakes, he likes snakes. He just doesn't want to come down. Angel finally talked him down around it after about 10 minutes.

What's he do the minute he's clear? He gets a stick and pokes it.

"Don't hurt it." I'm standing ten feet away, creeped out beyond measure, and I'm telling him not to hurt it. Go figure.

"I wanna take a picture of it." I'm thinking, Ugh, I don't want a picture of a snake on my camera. But he insisted, and then I thought, Well, I might as well share it on my blog . So here it is.

The snake wasn't moving, thankfully, it was only about 50 degrees out and the wind was kinda sharp, so I'm assuming it was sunning itself and too cold to move. I was just glad to finish up there and move on to a new site.

I've had enough of the Wild Kindom adventures lately, thank you 'Veddy Much'! It all puts me in the mind of Jim Stafford's song, "I don't like spiders and snakes..."


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chubby-girl said...

Gross!!!! I would have high-tailed it out of there!