Friday, November 03, 2006

There's just one thing to say...

Song Stuck on the Brain: Do You Believe in Love by Huey Lewis & the News

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I'm so glad it's Friday. I've been deaf in one ear all day. My phone ear none the less. I feel quite a bit like that picture looks.

My weekend looks to be full of errand running. I broke my unbreakable glasses on Wedensday just by wiping them off. Not the lenses mind you, but the titanium bridge in the middle. Snapped right in half. First time I've ever broken a pair of glasses in my life and I've been wearing them for 19 years.

So much for unbreakable.

Then, joy of all joys, I get to return jeans that were mis-marked to the store and start the hunt for clothes that fit all over again. After that, who knows. If I'm not completely depressed and despondent after trying on clothes, I might splurge and go see a movie.

Have a great weekend everyone,


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chubby-girl said...

That sucks about the glasses. Lauren sat on mine the other day and they have definitely seen better days. ;o( I really need new glasses and contacts...but alas, you need money for those.