Monday, October 22, 2007

CSFF: Bark of the Bog Owl by Jonathan Rogers

Song Stuck on the Brain: Give My Regards to Broadway. I woke up singing this one... don't know why.

Today the CSFF is featuring book one in the Wilderking Trilogy:



The prophet Bayard arrives at Longleaf Manor, the estate of Lord Errol with an unanticipated announcement. Aidan Errol, Lord Errol’s youngest son, is the Wilderking. But the weight and glory of this pronouncement is yet to be shouldered.In the meanwhile, Lord Errol and his sons attend a Treaty Feast celebrating a pact signed between Corenwald and the Pythen Empire. But Corenwald is double crossed by the Pyrthens and they go to war. The story unfolds as Aidan begins to walk the way of his destiny through the feechifolk and a showdown with the Pyrthen champion Greidawl ending with an epic battle to save the kingdom of Corenwald.


I loved this book. I had no idea when I started reading, that it was a re imagined version of David and Goliath. And set in a world very much like the bogs and swamps in the south. It was compelling, fun, and eyeopening. It made the story of David come alive for me, but still held its own as a pure fantasy tale. The descriptions of Cornewald are vivid and the characters unique and bold. I love the Feechifolk that live in the swamps. They're deep south hillbillyisms (for want of a better term) were so spot on that I couldn't help but laugh. I have family that use some of those phrases! I'm ordering book 2 The Secret of the Swamp King and book 3 The Way of the Wilderking, today. I highly recommend these books for both kids and adults. In fact reading together would be better still. Kudos to Jonathan for creating a series that is both original and yet familiar.


Jonathan Rogers grew up in Georgia, where he spent many happy hours in the swamps and riverbottoms on which the wild places of The Wilderking are based. He received his undergraduate degree from Furman University in South Carolina and holds a Ph.D. in seventeenth-century English literature from Vanderbilt University. The Bark of the Bog Owl has already found a receptive audience among Jonathan’s own six children. The Rogers clan lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where Jonathan makes a living as a freelance writer. The Bark of the Bog Owl is his first novel.

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Valerie Comer said...

I didn't know it was the story of David when I started reading, either! But enjoyed it all the same.

Becky said...

Kudos to Jonathan for creating a series that is both original and yet familiar. Spot on, April!

I DID know it was a retelling, and it kept me from the books. It should not have. There is such a freshness here, but as you found, the story also helped me appreciate the real events even more.