Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mouths open wide - just in case

Song Stuck on the Brain: A Man by Alanis Morissette. Don't know why. Probably heard it on the radio. It's got strange lyrics, but the melody is really catchy.

Went for another bandage change today on my incision. Doc says it's looking good. Still can't give me an exact time frame for when I'll be all healed up, but I'm still hoping to be free of the Wound Vac by Thanksgiving. I'd like to ring in my 30th with some freedom.

After the doctor's visit, Mom, Dad and I stopped for lunch at Taco Bell. I still can't drive, so they're chauffeuring me to the hospital clinic. Anyway, it's funny how the weirdest things from your childhood can jump up and grab you when you least expect it.

When I was really little, maybe 4 or so, we were sitting down as a family to eat. There was a big group of us, and so sometimes it took a little while to get everyone settled so a blessing could be said over the food. Well, I guess I forgot and took a bite of something. Mom said, "Wait a minute we haven't said a prayer yet."

I slapped a hand over my mouth with an 'oops' and felt really ashamed. Mom said, "Don't worry, just open your mouth while we pray and God will bless what you've already swallowed."

I know this was a joke. She was just teasing me. I knew it then, I know it now. But I remember keeping my mouth open anyway, just in case.

Today, I started eating my taco and Dad says to Mom, "Do you want to bless it?"

I was 4 all over again. I 'oopsed' and waited for them to bless it - and doggone it if I didn't have the most compelling urge to keep my mouth open just in case.

When I told Mom and Dad they just laughed. Mom didn't even remember saying it.

So strange the things that you remember clearly.


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