Friday, October 26, 2007

Help Me Pick a Favorite and WIN a PRIZE

Song Stuck on the Brain: Root of it All by By The Tree

I have good news and more good news.

First, Doc said today that I'm healing so well, I may be able to ditch my Wound Vac in another week or two. I would switch to gauze bandages that are changed 3 x's a day, but it's still an improvement. I would do the bandages for another month or so.

As to my other good news, I have an opportunity to submit blog posts for consideration in Inspirational Blogposts compilation books. I've posted several on here, and I need help deciding which to submit.

That's where you come in. Read through the ones I've listed below, comment back on this post stating which one story is your favorite and the story with the most votes wins a Post Office ride to an editor.

To make this all a little more fun for YOU. I'm going to enter all your votes in a hat and draw a winner of a special Projecting A Surprise Gift. Anyone that lives in the US or Canada and votes is eligible. I have a deadline for submission, so the voting will close on Friday November 2, 2007. That gives you a week, so VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

Entries for Consideration:

Story #1: One Bad Apple Won't Spoil the Whole Bunch
Story #2: God Made Me Bumpy
Story #3: Bedtime and Prayers
Story #4: The Faith of a Child
Story #5: WILD CARD*

*Do you have a favorite inspirational story post that's not listed above? Chose #5 and list the title and date of that post.

Thanks so much for helping me out, I look forward to seeing which story touched you or made you laugh the most.



craftymama said...

I like God Made Me Bumpy. Hehehehe...that just cracks me up. 'Cause, God made me Lumpy. Hhehehehe...

April Erwin said...

Uh! Me TOO! :) Heh heh.

Bebemiqui said...

I liked your "One Bad Apple..." post

Melissa Markham said...

I think your best post was the Faith of a Child post. Definitely! And so true. I enjoyed reading all of them!