Friday, October 19, 2007

Writing through the fear

Song Stuck on the Brain: What Goes Around Comes Around by Justin Timberlake

Yay, it's finally Friday. I may be only working half days, but it still felt like a long week. It's amazing how a six and a half week absence can change your perceptive about your work week. Or maybe it's just my prescriptions.

On the plus side the half days at work have been great for my writing. I've been pushing to write 4,000 words a day, which for me is REALLY good. Dysfunction Junction is shaping up well and I feel good about the way the plot lines are falling together. I've been praying really hard that the words would come in a way that would make sense and praise God, they have been.

I think I let this book get the best of me before I ever even started. Somehow it just seemed so complicated in my head. There is so many things that have to be included and tie together so they make sense. The book in my head just seemed impossible for me to write. Plus there is a lot of personal experience tied into this book. Not specific events really, just lessons I've learned. Feeling I've experienced first hand and decided would be best served with openness and honesty.

Jeez, reading this makes my little Chick lit sound like the next great American novel, and I'm sure it's not. But I am finding that it's not as scary to write as I thought it would be. I will say, that each book I've written has been a creature all it's own. I mistakenly thought that once I had one book under my belt, all the rest would fall write into place with out any trouble because I already knew how to write a book. I was wrong. The books haven't been harder to write, and I have learned a lot to improve the process, but each book pulls me down a different emotional path and they've each required a slightly different process to complete. I can see why writer's consider their works as children. Not only have they invested blood, sweat and tears in them, but they each are unique.

I may or may not get an agent this go round, but I can't help but feel that finishing this book is going to change my writing career. Maybe only because I learned that I can do the scary and survive.


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