Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Third grade failure

Song Stuck on the Brain: Kia Jingle. I can see ya, in a Kia... I HATE that song. It gets stuck on my brain forever and I want to go out and smash every Kia I see.

My nephew sent me this link. It's a third grade geography test. You're supposed to drop the names of each state on their correct location within a certain time frame to pass. I did great until I got to the North East. That one little limb that sticks out and has way too many tiny states for one area, took me five tries to get. I nailed every other state without fail until I got to the last 6, then it was blind guessing to remember where Delaware, Massachussets, NJ, etc went.

I used to pride myself on my geography. I may be directionally challenged with out a map, but WITH a map, I'm very good. I always tested high in map reading on my state tests. Geography was a snap, both foreign and home. So what the heck? I can't believe I couldn't nail them. It's just disgraceful.

Can you do any better?

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