Friday, January 12, 2007

I Have a Dream

Song Stuck on the Brain: Unforgettable

I have a really good excuse for not blogging yesterday. No, really I do. I had to write. Actually I had to brush up my writing, because I actually got a request for a partial of my current manuscript from an agent. An agent that would be a DREAM AGENT for me.

I didn't ever think I'd get a chance to submit to her. Then an open call came around for querys in my genre. Even then, I almost didn't send the query. I could think of all kinds of reasons why I shouldn't.

Thank you, God, that no one else thought those reasons were legit.

So, I sent the query. Within hours I had a request for a synopsis and the first chapter. I screamed so loud I think I woke the neighbors. Wow. Dream Agent was actually interested enough to request a partial. Even if I get no farther than this step, I'll feel like I'm actually on the right track. That this fantasy of writing and publishing might not be a fantasy. Maybe my writing shows promise after all.

So of course, last night I had to polish up my synopsis and chapter 1. I spent all evening and half the night working on it. Which makes me VERY tired since I barely slept the night I got the request and then I barely got to sleep last night. But it was so worth it.

Now I have to wait. Which is never easy for me. I've never been good at waiting for things. Especially things I want REALLY bad.

I've run through all the fantasies. Dream Agent loves it. Wants the full manuscript. Loves it even more. She signs me, we work the book up to a spit polish shine and it SELLS. Not just this one, but the whole planned series. I get an advance, I get out of debt, I spend five years making a name for myself and finally quit my job to write full time.

Oh yeah. It's a great fantasy.

Then of course reality pokes its whiny little head up and says, "GET REAL!"

What are the chances that Dream Agent will sign you? Just because you think your book is sellable, doesn't mean it is. You've got raw talen all right, more raw than talent. You'll be lucky if she doesn't laugh her way through your first chapter. Get signed my a.....

Okay, you get the picture. Kind a of devil and angel thing sitting on my shoulders. And to think I intentionally put myself in this kind of turmoil.

I'm determined to spend my waiting time usefully though. The manuscript is complete, I'm just working on some touch ups and rewrites. I want to have it polished a little more, just in case.

Just in case my dream is about to come true.


Kaye Dacus said...


DON'T STOP DREAMING. Dreams really can come true. And even if this "dream agent" ends up passing, how much has your confidence grown just through the fact she was interested enough to request a partial? Sometimes, God will use situations like this to say, "You're on the right track. Keep working faithfully and you will receive blessings beyond your dreams."

Praying for you!


April Erwin said...

Thanks, Kaye! I appreciate the prayers. I've got a real peace about this. I haven't a clue whether I'll get this agent or not, but either way I know that it will be a great experience. :) Of course I'm hoping for a yes...