Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pardon me... WHAT was that again?

Song Stuck on the Brain: #1 in Heaven by Nemesis

I'm having weirder than normal dreams again. The night before last, I dreamed that an old highschool friend that I haven't seen in years, was back in town. There was going to be a class get together and we were all excited to see him again. When he showed up, he came as Laura.

Yeah. He'd decided he was a transexual and had chosen the name Laura. He'd gone all out. Long blonde wig, makeup, a smart cream colored suit and heels. I about fell over. It shocked me so much that I kept telling myself in the dream that something wasn't right. I'd rewind and try his entrance again, but nope. Still Laura.

I eventually woke up, saw it was around 2:30 am and went back to sleep. This time I dreamed that he walked in as Laura and I said, "Ya know, I always saw you as being a toy maker."

He replies, "You're right. I am. I'm just kidding about Laura." He then proceeded to remove the wig and wipe off all the make-up. Suddenly he's dressed head to toe in black Special Ops gear like G.I.Joe come to life. He puts on black RayBans and says, "Check out our latest action figures." Then out of nowhere he starts pulling out all these military type action figures.

I think my brain finally gave up on that one because at that point I quit dreaming.

Last night was such a jumbled up mess of odds and ends it's hard to piece them all together. But I remember at one point that I had installed a new 20 gallon fish tank in my room. It had dividers in it and each section of the tank had a different size fish in it. The first was filled with teeny tiny tropicals. So small there were probably 200 and I still had trouble finding them all. The second section had middle sized fish that were teal and red. I knew they would eat the other fish, so I was keeping them seperated. The third section had even larger fish. All in different bright colors.

At first it wasn't a problem, but then suddenly I couldn't keep them sepperated. They kept leaping over the barriers and mixing. The bigger ones kept eating the littler ones. I tried to sort them out and stop it, but then the middle sized ones just went bonkers. They were flipping out of the tank and going all over the bedroom. I'd find one, put it back and the tank and two more would fly out. Then another fish would get eaten and a bigger one would fly out. It was horrible!

I really can't imagaine what would have brought on either dream. If anything I should have been dreaming about fire (from writing my book) or fetuses (4 hours of National Geographics In the Womb: Multiples and Animals).

Then again, when have my dreams ever made sense?

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