Monday, March 20, 2006

Ain't no sunshine when it rains...

So, I didn't get as much done this weekend as I wanted. No laundry or critiques finished. Guess that will go on my list tonight. I ended up with company late into Friday night and most of the day Saturday.

Sunday I spent the afternoon at a family lunch helping my nephew with a paper for History class. He had to write a 2 page paper on Whitcomb L. Judson, the Father of the Zipper. You know what? There isn't enough information known about the man to fill two pages. After helping him go through his research, I think I could quote the man's complete bio, including the dates of all the patents and his fellow investors in the Universal Fastener company. Somewhat interesting, yes - but it's just more useless trivia to be floating through my head contributing to my LFS (Loose File Syndrome). Why the date of a zipper patent sticks in my mind but the date Pearl Harbor was bombed tends to elude me, I'll never understand.

As for today, all I can say is it's Monday. The calender promised me the first day of spring, but we have nothing anywhere near Spring-like weather right now. The suns not even shining. In an effort to feel more cheerful this morning, I chose a new shirt that is bright yellow. Not a typical color choice for me. Angel called me her ray of sunshine when she saw it so I started singing 'I am your sunshine, Your only sunshine, I'll make it sunny when skies are grey...' Needless to say, I now have that song stuck in my head.

I don't think the yellow shirt helped either. Blame it on the Rain if you want, but I've been in a really odd mood today. I have little patience for my co-workers and I just want to go home and hibernate. Some days I think that bears have the right idea. Except for the whole 'eat bark until you're butt's plugged up until spring' bit. That has to suck.

Sorry for the mental image,

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chubby-girl said...

Oh, dear! I didn't know about the bark thing. You learn something new everyday. I am definitely with you on the hibernating thing. This is book reading weather! Wish I was home!