Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dr. Who - Who Cares?

Who's afraid of the Plastic Men, the Plastic Men, the Plastic Men? Who's afraid of the Plastic Men? Dr. Who, that's who!

Stargate Sg-1 & Atlantis wrapped for their mid-season break and my Friday nights for the next three months looked bleak. Then I saw a new show advertised on the SciFi channel. 'Dr. Who'. A remake of an old British SciFi show about an Alien that travels through time and space in a ship that looks like a phone booth outside, but is massive inside. The magazines touted it as fresh, funny and hip. Yay! A new show to fill my Friday nights. (I know, it's sad, but I'm man-free. What else have I got to do?) Anyway, I set the DVR to record because I actually DID have plans for that Friday. Last night Angel and I got together to watch the two episodes taped. I was so intrigued, and then...

Plastic mannequins came to life like B movie zombies and proceeded to try and take over the world. They were controlled by a plastic mass conscience that had infiltrated the utility rooms beneath the giant Ferris wheel in London. Plastic mass conscience. At one point a mannequin arm stalked are heroes home and tried to strangle them to death. Not the WHOLE mannequin - just the arm. In another scene a plastic trash can stalks are heroine's boyfriend down a side walk. When he opens the lid and sees that it's empty, he finds that his hands are stuck to the plastic lid. The trash can flips him into it's empty belly and spits out a plastic replica of him in order to get closer to the girl and discover the Doctors plans. Of course our girl doesn't realize her man is now a stuttering plastic doll. In the end, the Doctor can't just destroy the alien plastic. He has to negotiate with it. Spout universal laws and protocols. Of course he get captured by two more mannequins. Our girl has to swing in on a chain and knock the bomb out of the doctors hand and into the mass conscience in order to save them all.

Cheesy doesn't even cover it. Cheesy is an insult to a very nice Dairy group. I couldn't even watch the last five minutes. We finally just shut it off. It was easily one of the worst acted, written, produced shows I've ever seen. I deleted the second episode without even trying to watch it.

So now my Fridays are back to being nearly empty. I do still have Numb3rs and InJustice - at least until their seasons wrap too.

Come back Stargate, I need you! :(


chubby-girl said...

hahaahah!!! That does sound like the worst show EVER!!!

April Erwin said...

It is! What is it with the lame SciFi? Okay, I know that sounds like a rhetorical question, but really some of the stuff lately is worse than normal. I love scifi, but have you seen the preview for the new movie "Slither"? I can't even believe they're going to release that at the theater. It looks like a straight to DVD production - at best.