Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Idol Chatter

So last nights show has to be the best in the history of the 5 season show. Other than a few minor foibles, I have to say that everyone sounded fabulous last night. I don't think they've ever had this many in the show before that are this talented.

First off, Mandisa was amazing. She looked really incredible too. Chris Daughtry stole the show with his version of Johnny Cash's 'Walk the Line'. He's definitely in a class of his own and the more I see him perform the more I lean toward him as the AI winner.

Taylor didn't sparkle as much this week, but he's still an incredible performer and I'm looking forward to seeing him next week. Kelly Pickler came through with a fantistic performance too. The only ones I didn't just absoloutely love, were Lisa, Kevin and Bucky. I expect they'll be our bottom 3 tonight. I just hope Bucky doesn't go yet. He needs another week or two. My vote is for Kevin to be off tonight. I guess I'll know in a few more hours.


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