Friday, March 17, 2006

It's Finally Friday

Yay! It's finally Friday! This week seemed to take forever. It didn't help that it was beautiful and sunny all week and now we're going to get snow on the weekend, but I won't complain because a day away is a day to play.

Tonight I'm going to see "She's the Man" with Lindz and Angel. I love Shakespear remakes as Teen flicks. Twelfth Night will never be the same after Amanda Bynes does her thing.

Other than that I've got adult responsiblities that have to take over, like having my car fixed. They had to replace a water pump, power steering pump, change the oil, patch a tire, fix the hood hydraulics and put die in the oil to find the leak there. I know it sounds like I'm a terrible car owner, but I'm really not. I've also got about eight critiques to do for my critique group. I've gotta get them done before they all hunt me down and give me mass paper cuts as punishment. I should probably do some laundry, clean house and work on my current novel, but hey, there's only so much time in my weekend and a girl's gotta have some fun too. We'll see how much I manage to accomplish.

Have a great weekend,

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chubby-girl said...

Yeah, I did the laundry/housecleaning was great!