Thursday, March 23, 2006

And the loser is...

We say farewell to Chicken Little and Bucky survives to sing another week. YAY, Bucky!

The bottom three weren't a surprise last night and Kevin's loss wasn't really either. I have to say though, he handled the stress of the spotlight unbelievably well - especially for being 16. I figure in a couple of years, and with the help of a vocal coach, we'll see a lot more of Kevin. He's a natural in the public eye.

It's really begining to be painful to see these singers drop off one a week. I'm probably being blindly optomistic, but I hope that at least 6 of the top 12 end up with contracts by the end of the show. If Justin Guarinia and Diana DeGarmo can release albums then we can have hope right? Actually, a more positive example would be Josh Gracen. He was about number 5 I believe before he was voted off and now he's got a very succesful Country Music career. Bucky could do that, right? Given a little time and some coaching, I think he could.

I'd buy it.

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