Monday, March 20, 2006

Found my soul mate...

So, I've found my soulmate. Ewan McGregor. Who knew? I always new there was this 'force' about him that is very seductive, but I wouldn't have figured him as my soulmate. Now, to find a way to hollywood where we can meet, gaze longingly into each others eyes from across the restraunt and fall madly in love. Yeah, right!

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Your celebrity soul mate is someone who's Classy

It's all about subtle style and sophistication with you. That's why when it comes to matters of the heart, the celeb who'll snare yours will be a classy character both onscreen and off. Whether you're strutting the red carpet or sharing a romantic rendezvous on Rodeo Drive, only a class act will be right for the part of your soul mate.Someone like Ewan McGregor has just the right combination of good looks, charm, and smarts to keep up with a star like you. Dinner dates filled with intellectual conversations and soft candlelight would keep this silver-screen dream burning bright. So reserve a table for two. You never know when you might meet someone special who's as classy as you!

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