Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Idol Addiction

I am so addicted to American Idol, this year more than most. This has got to be the most talented group of people they've had yet. It's almost impossible to really predict the winner. Chris, Taylor, Katherine, Kelly, Bucky, Elliot, Ace, Mandisa... they've all got tremendous talent. Even my lesser fav's - like Paris, Kevin, Lisa and Melissa - they're still a talented bunch, I just don't see them winning.

Last night's episode had the potential to be really disapointing. Stevie Wonder is hard to sing, but surprisingly, a lot of them managed to pull it off fabulously.

Chris Daughtry, in my opinion, outshone them all. He continues to just blow me away every week. Taylor Hicks though, man, he OWNS that stage. He's just phenomenal. I smile just watching him.

There have been a few surprises too. Bucky Covington is good, but has a pretty raw talent. However, he's really grown a lot in the last few weeks and I thought he did a great job last night. And I have news for Simon. I LOVE Bucky's hair. Don't cut it Bucky, stay strong.
Kellie Pickler has also grown a lot. I stick with my predictions, give her time, she's going to amaze everyone.

It's so hard to start picking who you want to see cut. Really, they're all very talented. I'd buy an album from just about any one of them. However, since this is a competition, someone has to go. If I could choose, I'd say Paris or Kevin. They're my least favorite right now. Not because they don't sing well, but they're just not there yet. Paris still needs to find herself and Chicken Little a.k.a. Kevin needs to mature a little. He's adorable yes, but he needs a few years on him.

I'm not choosing though, America is, so my feeling is that tonight we'll lose either Kevin Covais or Melissa McGhee. That's strictly based on their performances last night. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if I'm right.

Keeping the fingers crossed,

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