Friday, March 31, 2006

Playing Catch-up

Wow, this week has just been insane! The days flew by long before I realized how remiss I'd been in posting. Now I'm going to play catch-up before my weekend takes off.

American Idol:
I can't say as I'm surprised that Lisa was voted off. I expected her to be the one. She seems so sweet and she's got a great voice, but I think she'll be famous for Broadway and not pop music. I was really shocked to see Katharine in the bottom three. I'll have to spend part of my voting time on her next week...

Bats in the Belfrey:
Actually, I don't have bats in my belfrey - I have squirrels in my attic. Their driving me nuts. They run around chasing each other all night long and their LOUD! Turns out theirs a whole in the roofline and they're squeezing in and nesting. I had a friend set some traps in the attic, but so far no luck. One squirrel managed to trip it getting at the peanut butter at 4 am, but the trap only got him partially. I woke up to hear the squirrel dragging the cage all over the attic 90 to nothing. He finally got loose and I heard him scramble out of the whole in the roofline. Tomorrow I've got a friend coming to help. I'm gonna set firecrackers off in a tin can in the attic to scare them out, then we'll patch the hole and reset the traps as a 'just in case'. I hope that will be the end of the partying squirrels.

My weekend is actually filling up pretty quickly. Tonight is the first of two performances by C.P.R.S., my alma mater. They've adapted my novel "Missing Pieces" as the school play. They'll perform it tonight and Saturday at 7 pm. I'll be on hand to sign and sell books both nights. I'm pretty excited. It may only be a High school play, but it should be cool.

Oh, and I have to work Saturday morning too. Maybe Sunday I can relax.

Have a great weekend!

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chubby-girl said...

How'd the play/book selling, etc...go?