Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bad Luck

Well, my week started off with a bang - and it was the sound of me hitting the floor. My sister and I and our mom have been caring for my great Aunt because her housemate went in for hip replacement surgery. She needs 24/7 care, so we've been going in shifts. My second shift was Saturday evening through Sunday noon. Things went well until Sunday morning during breakfast. I must have been sitting in an odd position at the table, because my left foot kind of fell asleep. I didn't notice it though until I went to walk around the table to get her dishes. My foot just kind of rolled over and folded up. Down I went to my knees. Once I got feeling back in my foot I was able to walk fairly well. I went and put my shoes on to keep the swelling down and finished my shift. When I got home later and took my shoe off, I found that my foot was black and green and it swelled pretty quickly. Doctor says I just dislocated the bones, so mostly I'm just hobbling around like a gimp and popping Advil like candy. Today was my first full day back at work.

I'll tell you though, I think I must have sprained my brain too. Sunday night I was watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and bawling more than normal. Angel was at our Aunts, so I called her cell phone to talk to her about the show. The first time I dialed, the phone rang once and then I realized I had dialed my cell phone number instead. Since her number is just one off from mine, it's easy to do. I hung up and redialed. It rang like six times before the answering message came on. After I'd waited through that, I left this long message about the show.
Five hours later as I'm getting ready to go to bed, I hear my cell phone beeping. I figure it's just that missed call when I'd mis-dialed, but when I look at the display it says I have voice mail. SO, I dial it and listen.

It was my message to Angel. I had redialed MY OWN cell phone number. Listened to my OWN FRICKIN' ANSWERING MACHINE and then left this long message about the show. Talk about dumb!

To top off my weekend, my car broke down twice and I got a stye and my eyelid swelled so I can't really wear much makeup. I look like a freak. One droopy eye, and a funky limp. Plus, without make-up I look like I could be a stand in for Casper the ghost. I went in to the bathroom at lunch time and scared myself with my reflection.

Thankfully, I'm getting the car fixed tonight and since I'm no help to my Aunt as a gimp, I'm off tonight.

We did get to go see 'Just My Luck' this week-end. Very cute. Girly but very cute. I think I'll have to buy that one.

Hmm, maybe that's my problem. I've traded luck with someone... .



chubby-girl said...

You poor thing! That is horrible! I hope things get better! Boy, has this been a year for cars or what??

April Erwin said...

You said it, chickie. My foot is much better today, but it's still black and blue. I actually took pictures of it last night. maybe I'll actually post them. (Warning: I have ugly Flintstone feet. Viewers beware.)

Anonymous said...

Oh April I'm sorry to hear that. I know how you feel about being a gimpy, me being a gimpy myself. My doc is a jerk and said and I quote "You are fat and probably just need to lose some weight and your knee will be better." Like I don't know that but this was a previous injury. Grr they make me angry sometimes. We'll have to get together and have a little gimp party or something. Netta