Thursday, May 18, 2006

Flypaper Brains

My brain is like fly paper this morning. Every pesky little song that flies in my ear gets stuck.

First it was the Kia commercial on the radio when I was getting into the shower. I hate those Kia jingles, they ALWAYS get stuck in my head and they're CHEESY. Of course once the water was running I couldn't hear the radio anymore, so I had to come up with a new song to get rid of 'Anderson Kia, You'll save today...' So I picked Chris Rice's Cartoon song. 'I was thinkin' the other day, what if cartoons got saved. They'd be singing praise in a whole new way.' By the time I'd gone through all the cartoons I could remember, the Kia song was gone. Of course, I spent the rest of the morning singing, 'Fred and Wilma Flintstone... Yaba-Daba-llujah' and 'The Jetsons' dog named Astro... Rararujah' and 'All those little blue guys... Lalalalalalalalalalalujah'.

By the time I got to work, I'd moved past that one and I thought I was safe. Then one of my office mates started talking about a customer named Margie, which made me think about my old foster sister Maggie (Don't ask why, I really don't know.) Then thinking about Maggie made me think of Rod Stewart which made me start singing 'Wake up Maggie, I think I've got something to say to you.' From there I started thinking about how I'm really not a big Rod Stewart fan and the next thing I know I'm singing 'If you like my body, and you think I'm sexy, come on baby let me know.' I don't even like that song. It drives me nuts. So now I'm a little on guard, worrying what I'm gonna get stuck in my head next.

One thing I know that won't get stuck in my head is Elliot Yamin's new single... cuz he's gone. So sad. Oh well.

Horrible, isn't it? That's the most enthusiasm I can muster for the show, now that Chris Daughtry is gone. I'm still rooting for Taylor, but I'm not pumping my fist when I holler "Soul Patrol". I just don't have it in me.

'If you like my body, and you think I'm sexy....'

Dadburnit, here I go again!

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chubby-girl said...

LOL! That is hilarious! ;o) I know what you mean. I emailed someone yesterday and put "blame it on the rain" "girl you know it's true" in the same email...