Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My New Music Video

Well, after a lot of frustration with an inferior software program, I've finally completed my latest 'project'. I've made a music video of sorts for our first single, 'Free to Fly'. My apologies in advance, it's a bigger file than I anticipated, so be patient. It will download. I hope you all enjoy it.



chubby-girl said...

Okay, I left a comment earlier, but, it's not showing up. I SAID, that this was really cool! And that I didn't know that Jenni and Levi got married already!

April Erwin said...

Sorry, I deleted by accident when I was trying to make the player small enough to fit. :( I posted a response, but it got deleted too. Actually their not married yet. The wedding hands is one I took of another couple and I just used it as an 'artistic choice' for the lyrics.