Thursday, May 04, 2006

Idol Musings

I know I was not the only one surprised to see Elliot in the bottom two last night. As much as I love Katherine McPhee’s voice, I anticipated seeing her with Paris in the bottom two - based on her struggle with her first song. I am so glad to see that Elliot squeaked through and that Paris is finally going home.

Paris has a huge fan base, and with good reason. She’s a great performer. I’m not overly fond of her vocal styling, but that’s a personal preference. The girl definitely has pipes and I know she won’t have any trouble breaking into the genre of her choice. I wish her all the best.

Now, on to the final four. How do you decide who you want to go home next? Elliot, Katharine, Taylor and Chris are all amazing and have their own unique styles. I love Taylor’s enthusiasm and zany dance moves. He makes me smile and laugh and he’s got a fantastic voice. Kat’s got the voice I wish I’d been born with. (She’s got the looks I wish I’d been born with too, but that’s a whole other blog.) Elliot is smooth and sweet and endearing. He makes singing seem effortless. And Chris? Chris could sing anything and I’d be a puddle off goo. Sure, he’s good looking, but it’s the voice that does it. He has an amazing voice. He too makes it all seem effortless. Any of them could win.

I guess my choice would be that the three guys end up in the final three and that Chris wins it all, but the race is so close now. I’m not sure that there is any way to tell how it all will end. For now I supposed we’ll just say farewell to Paris and wait on the edge of our seats for the next episode.



chubby-girl said...

I think I like Taylor or Chris. There's something about Elliot that I HATE! He reminds me of one of Chris' friends that I'm not overly fond of looks-wise...that my be it.

Sariah said...

I hate to say it but I predicted Chris would win back when they were on the final 12. Guess we will find out if I was right soon. I wouldn't mind being wrong if Taylor wins as I like him a lot too. He has a way of owning the audience. When he is singing, everyone is having fun, but Chris is more of the traditional professional singer that you would go to see in concert. I agree with Amy, there is something about Elliot that I just hate!