Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Livin' La Vida Loca

Oh my goodness, life has been crazy lately. Let's see... Friday night I started designing a web page for my sister's jewelry sales. Saturday am I babysat my 3 yr old niece and cleaned house. She's so cute. We 'did her make-up', curled her hair, put on lotion and perfume, and picked out jewelry. She's very girly. At noon my two sisters joined us and we met up with our childhood friend Kim to have lunch and celebrate her birthday. When we were done with our girls only outing, Angel and I went back to my place to work on her website some more.

I designed a blog page for her too, and that had me up until 4 am. It's mostly for her to show off her designs and gush about how much she loves the art. You can see her work at www.AngelsCreativeDesign.blogspot.com. The site looks simple, but for me - a greenhorn- it took a lot of hours and a crash course in HTML and CSS to get it done. In fact I didn't finish it completely until Sunday evening when I came back home from celebrating Mother's day at my parents house.

Last night we celebrated my niece's ninth birthday, so I didn't get home until late. But now that I know what I'm doing a little more, I wanted to play with my blog. The picture of the lantern on the header is one I took with my new digital last night in my parent's back yard. Gotta love the new digital camera. It rocks. It also sucks. Sucks the life right out of my batteries in three hours flat. I'm gonna have to invest in some rechargables.

I think I get to stay home tonight, which is a good thing because Jack is beginning to feel abandoned. Poor dog. I still need to finish the actual web page for Angel's jewelry and set up a shopping cart, etc. That page will be on our joint family website, www.TheErwins.com. Which I need to completely overhaul. It's been a while. I'm not sure when I'm gonna have a chance to get to it, but it desperately needs to be done.

To top it off, I have twenty critiques I need to finish for my two writer's crit groups. I'm not exagerating either, I counted. If I don't hurry up and get some done they're going to start vilifying and reviling me in their novels.

I have to watch Idol tonight though, despite some loss of enthusiasm with Chris' departure. I just don't know who I want to win now, but I've got to see the season through, I've invested too much in it to stop now.

See you on the flip side,


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chubby-girl said...

Cool! I'll check out Angel's site! ;o)