Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Life Fully Lived

I am so sleepy today. Jack kept waking me up last night. Every time the thunder would boom, he'd yelp. After the first big rumble he came and sat next to the bed, laid his head next to mine and stared at me with those big blue eyes. I had to scratch his ears and reassure him that I wouldn't let that mean 'ol thunder get him. He'd settle down in a ball in the floor until the next big boom. Then, up he'd pop with a yelp, looking for more ear scratching and reassurance.

He's not usually so disturbed by thunderstorms, but I had the window open so it seemed much louder than normal. I could have shut the window, but then I would have been hot. So, it was really a no win sitch.

It hasn't helped that I've been pushing the envelope as a night owl lately. I'm usually up until midnight or one, but there have been a few 2 and 3 am'ers. Thing is I get so busy with work and other things, that I don't get to settle in and work on stuff I want to do until late. And I hate to complain about it, cuz it's all stuff I enjoy doing. But, for example, last week I only had one evening when I had no company. I had to help my nephew with an English paper one night, scanned pics and printed them for my BFF another. One night I scrapped with Aim and her little girl, another I had friends over for dinner.

So it's not like I'm not having fun, it just doesn't leave me much time for other stuff. Like writing, Reading and Research. I've got to find a way to carve out more time. My preference would be to give up the day job cuz, hey, that's 40 hours a week gained. But my bills demand I find another soloution. I could give up sleep all together, but that only works for a few weeks and then I just crash. Besides, I like my sleep.

Saturday we hung out with Eric and Lindz again. We went to see Mission: Impossible III. It was awesome. Tom Cruise - not my favorite person. Especially after the whole "Oprah-gate" incident. But Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt? Incredible. He certainly uses that gung-ho energy of his, to go all out in this movie. I'd even venture to say it was better than M:I 1 or M:I 2.

Sunday we spent the day visiting my brother and his fiance. He's such a goof. Especially with his fiance. The two of them are so cute together. They crack me up.

I did get some housework done Saturday, but not enough. I did a little laundry last night, but tonight is American Idol, so I doubt I'll get much more done. I usually have company when I watch. Oh, well.

What would life be if it wasn't life fully lived, right?

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chubby-girl said...

Poor Jack! I had a three year old in my bed. She got spooked.